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The manufacturing company was founded in 1948 under the name Establishment of Chukososha Co., Ltd. And in 1958, the company invented the first instant noodles in the world, namely "Chicken Ramen", on this occasion changing its name to Nissin Food Products Co. , Ltd.

The company's philosophy has been product quality, and in this sense, Nissin Foods places food quality and safety as top priorities.

The European range of Nissin Foods products is produced in the Hungarian factory, Nissin Foods Kft., which is certified with the International Food Standard certificate (top level) as well as with the BRC certificate (grade A-level). These certificates confirm that our factory operates according to statutory and regulatory requirements set to ensure a safe and clean manufacturing process. The manufacturing process complies with the food regulations of the European Union. Consequently, the products also meet the requirements of international food quality standards. In addition, the quality policy of Nissin Foods Kft. declares that the products are manufactured exclusively without GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and that they handle allergenic ingredients responsibly in accordance with EU food regulations.

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